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AXCI- Allen Cline


AXCI- Allen Cline


AXCI composed, performed and recorded this ambient piece to accompany the Mary Van Cline glass installation work entitled "The Listening Point". After "The Listening Point" traveled throughout SouthEast Asia for a few years, it returned to New York for exhibition, "Untitled Music for an Autumn Moon" was unveiled as the soundtrack for the piece at that time. (Fall 1999)

AXCI- Allen Cline



Chinese Watercolor painting , Calligraphy Ink, Chinese Chop Seal, Hieroglyph stamps

by AXCI- Allen Cline

AXCI & Daughter


Track 1: Aolani Says

Aryn Aolani-Vocals, AXCI-Manipulated Steel Guitar, opera Gongs, Thai Flute

Track 2: Jakarta

AXCI: Mouth Harp, Gourd Lute, Dan Trung, Electronics, Zither

Track 3: Jakarta Revisited

AXCI: Dan Trung, Mouth Harp, Gourd lute, Zither

Track 4: What If? (Banjo Dance)

AXCI: Banjo, Bells, Chinese cymbals, Opera Gongs, Cymbals, dholak, Wood Blocks

Track 5: Zhongran Song

AXCI: Zongran

Track 6: Dub Leprechaun

AXCI: Blocks, Dan trung, Bass Drum CEMNS: Dub Flute

Track 7: The WayAXCI: Banjos

Track 8: Ocean's Tilt

AXCI: Jingle Bells, Bowed Flexitone, Cup Gong, Opera Gong, Bells

Track 9: Orchestra

AXCI: Flat Gongs, Opera Gongs, Dholak, Nepali Drum, Tabla

Agent Xavier cello Incognito and Daughter


Agent Xavier cello Incognito


AXCI- Allen Cline


(Watercolor painting with ancient Tibetan coin rubbings and ink drawings on rice paper by AXCI-Allen Cline)

AXCI- Allen Cline


Track1: You and Music

Selmer Orchestra Training Record (1950's), Slide Guitar Loops, Percusiion

Track 2: Ubud Gourd

Gourd Lute, Gongs, Harmonium, Drums

Track 3: March of the Absurd

Percussion, Drum Kit, Blocks, Noise, Cymbals, Flutes, Gourd Lutes

Track 4: Intrigue

AXCI: Banjo, Tabla, Ryan Green Bass, CCRR" Trumpet

Track 5: Fallen Wings

Sonor Bells, Marimbas, Gong, Snare, Trap Cymbals, Rhodes Piano

Track 6: JAL Ginza:

JAL Tourist Sample Captures, Vocals, Bells

Track 7: Steel Cellos

Djembe, Opera Gong, Bowed Metals

Track 8: Bali return

AXCI: Banjo, Balinese source captures Ryan : bass

Track 9: Our School Orchestra

Selmer Orchestra Training Record (1950's), AXCI: Electronics, MP: Pipes, CEMNS: Silver Flutes


Agent Xavier cello Incognito


AXCI- Allen Cline


 Cover Art: Digitally Ditressed Photo/painting Collage -AXCI- Allen Cline

Track 1:

Slide Guitar, Incidental Sounds, Micropiano, Metals

Track 2: Santoor Gamelan

Sonor Bells, Gongs, Tam Tam, Santoor, Bells

Track 3: Ukelelia

Manipulated Ukeleles, Vibraharp

Track 4: Mbira Kebyar

Manipulated Electric Mbira & Gender Kebyar Gamelan

Track 5: Kyoto's Ghosts

Marimba, Micropiano, Taiko, drum, Stick, Cymbal, Bell, Thai Gong

Track 6: The Return

Electric 5 String Bass, Wood Block, Laserwave, Tingsha, Rhodes, Bird Whistles

Track 7: Frozen Times

Bass Drum, Broken Violin, Cup Gongs, Zither, Lute

Track 8: Water Music of the Dai

Thai flute, Gamelan gender Kebyar, Beijing Opera Gong, Thai Gong, Gome, Drum, Dai Tribe Water Spirit Ambient Loop, Bird Whistle

Track 9: Cauchmards des Forets

Chinese Qin, Electric Bass, Berimbau, Wood Blocks, Bird Whistles, ZBG drum

Track 10. Naga Swirls & Whorls

Santoor, Balinese Cymbals, Kendang Drums, Bells, Naga Drone

Track 11: Frogagaku

Manipulated Frog Drone Capture, Tanbura, Zheng Zither, drum, Bell, Block

Agent Xavier Cello Incognito


Agent Xavier Cello Incognito
Agent Xavier cello Incognito


AXCI- Allen Cline


Cover Art: Chinese Brush and Ink Calligraphy-AXCI-Allen Cline

The central segment of the character "Meng", to dream, is seen here to represent the often time shadowy borders of dreams rarely fully seen  or recalled upon awaking.

Track 1: Bellsong

Chinese Bawu Flutes, Mainpulated Horse & Goat Bells, Ghost Bamboo Flute, Kendang drums

Track 2: If Birds had Mallets

Electronics, Sampled Marimbas, Vibes

Track 3: Glass Breathing

Rhodes piano, Broken Plastic Keyboard, Glass Chimneys, Electronics

Track 4: Ladakhian Spy Scene

Sampled Vibes, Marimbas, Electronics, Synthesizer

Track 5: Preambulation

Manipulated Gourd Lute Loop, Santoor, Djembe

Track 6: The Visitation

Manipulated Gu Zheng Zither, Bells, Electric Bass, Laserwave

Track 7: Electromess

Opera Gong, Rhodes Piano, Bells, Cymbals, Harmonic Shimmer

Track 8: Return of the Ladakhian Spy

Sampled Vibes, Harp, Synth Tambura

Track 9: Cloud Bells

Gongs, Bells, Metal, Bowed Flexitone,Bowed Cymbals, Strings, Drum Kit

Track 10: If I Only had a Brain

Small Music Box, Gourd Lute Manipulations, Melodica, Toy Piano, Bells, Vocals, Incidental Atmospherics

Track 11: An Ending Song

Hapi Drum, Shakeres, ZBG Gourd Drum, Bird Whistles,Clarinet Micro-piano Harpsichord,

All Performances, Compositions, Recording, and mixing by AXCI: copyright2014


Agent Xavier Cello Incognito


Agent Xavier Cello Incognito


Agent Xavier Cello Incognito



Coming from a long line of musicians AXCI began his musical musings by napping behind his big brother’s bass drum. His grandfather Durward  "Gotch" Cline (noted for introducing sayings (“Gotchisms”) into the big band era of the 1920’s and 30’s such as “Here and Gone, Today and Tomorrow”) had many greats playing  in his touring bands like Harry James and AXCI's father Jack Cline to name but a few. He owned and ran a music store in Dallas,Texas (Cline Music Co.) where AXCI would spend every summer working and playing. During that time he sometimes traveled with one of the road salesmen named Jed Tarver who composed a piece of music based on the resonant pitches he heard in his car as he drove down different patches of old Texas highways. The composition became very big in Japan. AXCI himself left his classical music training of the clarinet at the age of 10 when a fellow female clarinet player at a multi-school orchestra practice asked AXCI "Are you playing the same piece we are?" Inspired by his next door neighbor John Graves who was a local electronic music guru AXCI became interested in electronic music composition. Observing Mr. Graves electrify and "prepare" his wife's double pedal full concert harp and work on light interactions with home built organs, AXCI became interested in sound and light as a medium. Further inspiration came from a then Denton, Texas  based band B L Lacerta. Their percussionist and electronics front man David Anderson lead to his introduction to Bruce Ballentine. His electronic music studies with Bruce Ballantine in his private studio  culminated in the composition Oahu, a concrète piece combined of handmade pottery drum and electronics finished at 13.  Playing improv percussion in local bands like “Birds Overhead” in his teens, AXCI began recording free improv on tape with various friends including current members of SV. His life long interest in bells and gongs stemming from his grandmother’s dinner gong flowered when he began studying sand casting and tuning bronze bells with the bell master Aguadas. Specializing in singing bells, he also became addicted to the musics of Gamelan at this time. After more electronic composition studio studies with Dr. Barton McLean at the University of Texas at Austin, he moved to more free improv performance in the Northwest with the Kotozute Choir. While living in the People's Republic of China he studied Gu Zheng with Feng Guo in Beijing in 1987. He also studied Shakuhachi flute with Christopher Blasdale in Tokyo, Japan in 1988. He has spent many years acquiring field recordings in China, Japan and Bali and spent much time in the study of temple bells and musics in China. Further improvisational undertakings back in the states saw the official beginning of the Sounding Vessels Collective. Since then AXCI has performed movie soundtracks with Kamram Hooshman and his orchestra as well as poduced an ambient soundtrack for glassworks of his sister Mary Van Cline. Now AXCI continues to record and is releasing and re-releasing Sounding Vessels and Solo releases and preparing for the now!.