Sounding Vessels


AXCI Presents: Monster Music #2

AXCI- Allen Cline


Track1: You and Music

Selmer Orchestra Training Record (1950's), Slide Guitar Loops, Percusiion

Track 2: Ubud Gourd

Gourd Lute, Gongs, Harmonium, Drums

Track 3: March of the Absurd

Percussion, Drum Kit, Blocks, Noise, Cymbals, Flutes, Gourd Lutes

Track 4: Intrigue

AXCI: Banjo, Tabla, Ryan Green Bass, CCRR" Trumpet

Track 5: Fallen Wings

Sonor Bells, Marimbas, Gong, Snare, Trap Cymbals, Rhodes Piano

Track 6: JAL Ginza:

JAL Tourist Sample Captures, Vocals, Bells

Track 7: Steel Cellos

Djembe, Opera Gong, Bowed Metals

Track 8: Bali return

AXCI: Banjo, Balinese source captures Ryan : bass

Track 9: Our School Orchestra

Selmer Orchestra Training Record (1950's), AXCI: Electronics, MP: Pipes, CEMNS: Silver Flutes