Sounding Vessels



AXCI- Allen Cline


Cover Art: Chinese Brush and Ink Calligraphy-AXCI-Allen Cline

The central segment of the character "Meng", to dream, is seen here to represent the often time shadowy borders of dreams rarely fully seen  or recalled upon awaking.

Track 1: Bellsong

Chinese Bawu Flutes, Mainpulated Horse & Goat Bells, Ghost Bamboo Flute, Kendang drums

Track 2: If Birds had Mallets

Electronics, Sampled Marimbas, Vibes

Track 3: Glass Breathing

Rhodes piano, Broken Plastic Keyboard, Glass Chimneys, Electronics

Track 4: Ladakhian Spy Scene

Sampled Vibes, Marimbas, Electronics, Synthesizer

Track 5: Preambulation

Manipulated Gourd Lute Loop, Santoor, Djembe

Track 6: The Visitation

Manipulated Gu Zheng Zither, Bells, Electric Bass, Laserwave

Track 7: Electromess

Opera Gong, Rhodes Piano, Bells, Cymbals, Harmonic Shimmer

Track 8: Return of the Ladakhian Spy

Sampled Vibes, Harp, Synth Tambura

Track 9: Cloud Bells

Gongs, Bells, Metal, Bowed Flexitone,Bowed Cymbals, Strings, Drum Kit

Track 10: If I Only had a Brain

Small Music Box, Gourd Lute Manipulations, Melodica, Toy Piano, Bells, Vocals, Incidental Atmospherics

Track 11: An Ending Song

Hapi Drum, Shakeres, ZBG Gourd Drum, Bird Whistles,Clarinet Micro-piano Harpsichord,

All Performances, Compositions, Recording, and mixing by AXCI: copyright2014