Sounding Vessels


Psuedonesian 8th moon Melodies

AXCI- Allen Cline


 Cover Art: Digitally Ditressed Photo/painting Collage -AXCI- Allen Cline

Track 1:

Slide Guitar, Incidental Sounds, Micropiano, Metals

Track 2: Santoor Gamelan

Sonor Bells, Gongs, Tam Tam, Santoor, Bells

Track 3: Ukelelia

Manipulated Ukeleles, Vibraharp

Track 4: Mbira Kebyar

Manipulated Electric Mbira & Gender Kebyar Gamelan

Track 5: Kyoto's Ghosts

Marimba, Micropiano, Taiko, drum, Stick, Cymbal, Bell, Thai Gong

Track 6: The Return

Electric 5 String Bass, Wood Block, Laserwave, Tingsha, Rhodes, Bird Whistles

Track 7: Frozen Times

Bass Drum, Broken Violin, Cup Gongs, Zither, Lute

Track 8: Water Music of the Dai

Thai flute, Gamelan gender Kebyar, Beijing Opera Gong, Thai Gong, Gome, Drum, Dai Tribe Water Spirit Ambient Loop, Bird Whistle

Track 9: Cauchmards des Forets

Chinese Qin, Electric Bass, Berimbau, Wood Blocks, Bird Whistles, ZBG drum

Track 10. Naga Swirls & Whorls

Santoor, Balinese Cymbals, Kendang Drums, Bells, Naga Drone

Track 11: Frogagaku

Manipulated Frog Drone Capture, Tanbura, Zheng Zither, drum, Bell, Block