Sounding Vessels

CCRR-Corporal Cricket Raoul Rantavius is Dan J. Spence


Well, if we start with the etymology of the word "Corporal" many point to the medieval Italian phrase "capo corporale " or "head of a body". In fact "Corporale" simply refers to "of or relating to the body." So slowly associations came to being around a corporal as a "bodyguard", it did not take long for Butlers to follow suit. Now our Corporal who has been a self proclaimed Butler/Ex-Butler for years, has mainly been in charge of lighting and supplying candles, candlelabras and melted wax cleanup in that capacity. He was also indispensable in keeping the reeds soaked in water. Responsible for Cello/Non Cello work with SV, it is important for us not to forget "Kong Island" where he almost saved somebody from something.  So a big round of applause for Corporal Cricket and his Rantavian maneuvers, not to mention his Flow-master D alter Ego.

CCRR-Corporal Cricket Raoul Rantavius


1. Organ 010 (Internal Organ)


2. GM 7th (Cirrus Sounds)

Cello, Lute, Banjo Uke

3. Crinkle (Weeds)

Bowed Detuned Partial String Violin, crinkle sounds, Incidental Sounds

4. Glass Candle (Galss Clouds)

Glass, Bamboo Flute

5: Dream Song

Vocal, dream Lyrics

6. Gong O (the Herald Raoul)

Gongs, Bells, Muted Trumpet

7. Mambo Man

CCRR & Friends


1. Vacuum Harmonium

Electric Keys and Electronic Sounds

2. The Cluttered Path

CCRR: Trumpet, AXCI: Internal Piano, Banjo Uke, Handsonic

3. Electro Fanfare

CEMNS: Vocals, Internal Piano, CCRR: Manipulated Trumpets, Space Phone, Gongs, Vocals, Cello, Percussion, Electronics, Music Box

4. Desert Ride

CCRR: African Lyre, Shakeres AXCI: Triggered Balaphone

5. Persian Disorders

AXCI: Drum, Banjo Uke, Sound Loop, CCRR: Vocals

6. Bowaap Revisited

AXCI: Lyrics, Vocals, Drums, CCRR: Bowaap Vox, Cello

7. Electric Sunrise

Manipulated Marimbas

8. Fuzzamelan

AXCI: Manipulated Gongs, Drums, Modulated Bells

9. Spaces and Wires

Captured & Manipulated Closet Sounds

10: The Bone Man


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels



CRR was born the son of a great aviator who assumed he would take the yoke one day. However after mastering the fundamentals of the craft, our brave Corporal realized that the technological aspects of such a pursuit was too much for his more philosophical psyche. So he went off to study music. Marching band madness cratered into improvisationalism with the advent of two significant events in his young career. These lead directly to his participation in what would inevitably become Sounding Vessels. The first was early exposure to  Edgar Vareze's Percussion Symphony by no other than CEMNS. That this type of music existed blew CRR's young mind. The second event was meeting AXCI at an anti-war rally. It was soon evident to CRR that an interesting musical soup would be formed by the trio. As per studies in his college years obtaining his Master’s in Music Education, CRR realized the great truth behind the Great Music teacher Carl Orff. This was the emphasis in the non technical improvisational child-like aspect of music making. An approach and philosophy greatly lacking in our culture today, but readily available in SV improvisation. And so CRR moves on in choral and cello-non-cello pursuits alike.