Sounding Vessels


BR-8 Zip Monsters

CCRR & Friends


1. Vacuum Harmonium

Electric Keys and Electronic Sounds

2. The Cluttered Path

CCRR: Trumpet, AXCI: Internal Piano, Banjo Uke, Handsonic

3. Electro Fanfare

CEMNS: Vocals, Internal Piano, CCRR: Manipulated Trumpets, Space Phone, Gongs, Vocals, Cello, Percussion, Electronics, Music Box

4. Desert Ride

CCRR: African Lyre, Shakeres AXCI: Triggered Balaphone

5. Persian Disorders

AXCI: Drum, Banjo Uke, Sound Loop, CCRR: Vocals

6. Bowaap Revisited

AXCI: Lyrics, Vocals, Drums, CCRR: Bowaap Vox, Cello

7. Electric Sunrise

Manipulated Marimbas

8. Fuzzamelan

AXCI: Manipulated Gongs, Drums, Modulated Bells

9. Spaces and Wires

Captured & Manipulated Closet Sounds

10: The Bone Man