Sounding Vessels


Just Who is this Corporal ?

CCRR-Corporal Cricket Raoul Rantavius is Dan J. Spence


Well, if we start with the etymology of the word "Corporal" many point to the medieval Italian phrase "capo corporale " or "head of a body". In fact "Corporale" simply refers to "of or relating to the body." So slowly associations came to being around a corporal as a "bodyguard", it did not take long for Butlers to follow suit. Now our Corporal who has been a self proclaimed Butler/Ex-Butler for years, has mainly been in charge of lighting and supplying candles, candlelabras and melted wax cleanup in that capacity. He was also indispensable in keeping the reeds soaked in water. Responsible for Cello/Non Cello work with SV, it is important for us not to forget "Kong Island" where he almost saved somebody from something.  So a big round of applause for Corporal Cricket and his Rantavian maneuvers, not to mention his Flow-master D alter Ego.