Sounding Vessels



Sounding Vessels and friends have been working in tape, whether reel to reel or lo fi 4 track cassette steadily between the years of 1980 and 1992. Many of these tapes are deteriorated, broken, incomplete or lost. Nevertheless we bring a smattering of choices for your listening pleasure from the days when magnetically arranged particles on thin tape was the way to go. Almost all of these releases are compilations that have pieces ranging years apart from each other.

Sounding Vessels


1. Of a Night:

AXCI: Blue Room Chair Bass, Bell, Conga, Sitar CEMNS: Vocals (Lyrics-Black Spring: Henry Miller)

2. Nature Music:

AXCI: Qin, Bowed Psaltery, Gong, Tingsha, Wood Blocks CEMNS: Tibetan Skull Flute

3. Japanese Monster Music:

CCRR: Cello, Cornet, CEMNS: Organ, Alto Sax, Ghidora TV Capture

4. Dementianesia:

AXCI: Gongs, Guatemalan marimba, CEMNS: Brake Drums, Whistles

5. The Iguana

AXCI: Acoustic Guitar, Guatemalan Drum and Marimba

6. Rolling, Rolling Over the Hills

CEMNS: Log Drum, Vocals, Whistles, AXCI: Mbira Vocals, Bells

7. Music the Shepherd Dreamt

CEMNS: Bamboo Flute, Chimes AXCI: Tenor & Bass Drum, Tube

8. Nomadic Revelry

AXCI: Conga, Berimbau, Sitar CEMNS: Clay Whistles, Vox,

9. Japanese Court Music/Afterthought

AXCI: Zheng, Quica Tuning Rod Bass, Roto Toms, Japanese Marimba,Quica CEMNS: Turtle Flute, QQuica Tuning Rod BassMarimba, Wood Blocks

10. Ashtaroth

CEMNS: Piano, Internal Piano, Bells, Bass Fiddle DroneVocals, Laughter, AXCI: Grandfather Clock, Vocals, Squeaky Case Hinge, Broken Accordion

11. Kitchen Gamelan

CEMNS: Nepali Flute, Kitchen Bowls, AXCI: Drum, Kitchen Bowls. CCRR: Kitchen Bowls

12. Master Conjurer

CEMNS: Vocals, Lyrics, Alto Sax, Silver Flute, AXCI: Bass Drum Slide Whistle, Vocals, Lyrics

13. Berimbastic Beat

AXCI: Berimbau, Guatemalan Drum, Turtle Flute

14. Electro- Acoustic Vision

AXCI: Spring, ANghk Langhk CEMNS: Marimba, Voice, Gong

15. Mexican Firework Music

CEMNS: Freakout Pibcorn, AXCI: Batterie

16. Creatures Gone Underground

AXCI: Frankenstein Capture, Wind Synthesizer, Electronics

17. Drunken Turgani Tribe

AXCI: Vocals, Lute, Noises, CEMNS: Narration

18. Fearful Wanderings

CCRR: Trumpets, CEMNS: Trombones

19. Beatnik Music

AXCI: Cello , Glass Chimneys, Cymbals,Drums, CEMNS: Silver Flute

20. Dance of St. John

AXCI: Shakers, Drum CEMNS: Flute, Small Anghk Langhk, Block

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels




Track 1: Pre-Psuedonesian

Track 2:  Horn of Remembrance

Track 3: Music of the Afterlife

Track 4: Crazy Jazz Scene

Track 5: It Is Important that You Must

Track 6: Before Sunrise

Track 7 : Zheng Surfer

Track 8: Night Gagaku

Track 9: Night Gongs

Track 10: Zheng Intrigue

Track 11: Nipponese Gamelan

Track 12: Almaglocken

Track 13: Untitled

Track 14: Space

Track 15: Quiet Marching

Track 16: Music of the Afterlife 2

Track 17: String

Track 18: Music of the Afterlife 32

Track 19: Freakout

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Gagaku Score for Night that we did not use.


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Track 1: Morning Song

Track 2: Book of Ideology

track 3 Cat Creeping Fear

track 2nd attcking Regiment

Track One Peaceful Morning

Track 6: gamelanirakkan

Track 7: Peacock Feathering Blues

Track 8: Our Spiritual Leaders

Track 9: Sakura, Sakura

Track 10: Klaatu

Track 11: The Cataleptic State

Track 12: 39 Steps

Track 13: Variations on a Fancy by John Jenkins

Track 14: The Buzzard

Track 15: The Living Fire

Sounding Vessels


Tracks, Personnel and Timings are alll lost as of this time. Will update if we unearth other info.

Sample track is partial transfer.

Sounding Vessels


This is a shortsegment a few untitled pieces found from the Debitage Cassette release.