Sounding Vessels



Sounding Vessels


1. Of a Night:

AXCI: Blue Room Chair Bass, Bell, Conga, Sitar CEMNS: Vocals (Lyrics-Black Spring: Henry Miller)

2. Nature Music:

AXCI: Qin, Bowed Psaltery, Gong, Tingsha, Wood Blocks CEMNS: Tibetan Skull Flute

3. Japanese Monster Music:

CCRR: Cello, Cornet, CEMNS: Organ, Alto Sax, Ghidora TV Capture

4. Dementianesia:

AXCI: Gongs, Guatemalan marimba, CEMNS: Brake Drums, Whistles

5. The Iguana

AXCI: Acoustic Guitar, Guatemalan Drum and Marimba

6. Rolling, Rolling Over the Hills

CEMNS: Log Drum, Vocals, Whistles, AXCI: Mbira Vocals, Bells

7. Music the Shepherd Dreamt

CEMNS: Bamboo Flute, Chimes AXCI: Tenor & Bass Drum, Tube

8. Nomadic Revelry

AXCI: Conga, Berimbau, Sitar CEMNS: Clay Whistles, Vox,

9. Japanese Court Music/Afterthought

AXCI: Zheng, Quica Tuning Rod Bass, Roto Toms, Japanese Marimba,Quica CEMNS: Turtle Flute, QQuica Tuning Rod BassMarimba, Wood Blocks

10. Ashtaroth

CEMNS: Piano, Internal Piano, Bells, Bass Fiddle DroneVocals, Laughter, AXCI: Grandfather Clock, Vocals, Squeaky Case Hinge, Broken Accordion

11. Kitchen Gamelan

CEMNS: Nepali Flute, Kitchen Bowls, AXCI: Drum, Kitchen Bowls. CCRR: Kitchen Bowls

12. Master Conjurer

CEMNS: Vocals, Lyrics, Alto Sax, Silver Flute, AXCI: Bass Drum Slide Whistle, Vocals, Lyrics

13. Berimbastic Beat

AXCI: Berimbau, Guatemalan Drum, Turtle Flute

14. Electro- Acoustic Vision

AXCI: Spring, ANghk Langhk CEMNS: Marimba, Voice, Gong

15. Mexican Firework Music

CEMNS: Freakout Pibcorn, AXCI: Batterie

16. Creatures Gone Underground

AXCI: Frankenstein Capture, Wind Synthesizer, Electronics

17. Drunken Turgani Tribe

AXCI: Vocals, Lute, Noises, CEMNS: Narration

18. Fearful Wanderings

CCRR: Trumpets, CEMNS: Trombones

19. Beatnik Music

AXCI: Cello , Glass Chimneys, Cymbals,Drums, CEMNS: Silver Flute

20. Dance of St. John

AXCI: Shakers, Drum CEMNS: Flute, Small Anghk Langhk, Block