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In 1999 Sounding Vessels began releasing a digital format of our yearly work of  musical wanderings at Winter Solstice. Beginning with Orchesographie, we have released work upon each Winter Solstice  since. You may also find a few 8th Moon August releases as well since this too is an auspicious time for Sounding Vessels. These were small, private releases with limited distribution, although some found their way into various hands and received some airplay in Oregon, New York, Austin and London over the years.

They are not commercially available but posted here for your enjoyment and to see just what we have been doing for all these years. Feel free to browse this long list of musics and art.

One more note:

The list of Solstice releases (and and the occasional 8th moon August release) spans from 1999 through 2018 thus far. Therefore it is a long scroll of work with the most recent being found at the end.

All track listing, instrumentation and personnel are provided. Also a few samples from each release are present. Not all of these sample pieces are on the list loaded into the Audio Player, so they must be played separately.

Feel free to send us any comments you like through the Contact area.

We hope you enjoy the journey as we have.

Sounding Vessels


Orchesographie was the first digital release by the Sounding Vessels collectief. The name was taken from a book published in 1589 by Thoinot Arbeau written to establish appropriate behaviours between dancers and orchestras. We interpret a different direction to the interaction focusing the relationship between improvisational Psuedonesian musics and night time revelries. Besides featuring our core collectief of AXCI, CEMNS, and CCRR we were joined by MP (Morganpiper), Turner Ray and Ryan Green on different tracks.

Cover Art: CEMNS Collage of the Black Death Fife & Drummer

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

1. Ghalium Ba Gharach:

AXCI" Bowed sitar,Vox CEMNS: Vox, Gharachian Language, Silver Flute, CCRR: Cello

2. The Departure:

AXCI: Bass & Picolo Dan Trung CEMNS: Bass Dan Trung (Vietnamese Marimbas)

3. Les Fleurs

CEMNS: Silver Flutes, AXCI: Vibes

4. Let the Gates of Ba Gharach be opened

CEMNS: Bass Trombone, overtone singing CCRR: Trumpet,Overtone singing Turner Ray: Dideridoo, Overtone singing

5. Calling Corporal Cricket

CEMNS: Organ, Turner Ray: electric string Bass, AXCI: Dan Trung Bamboo Marimba, Sitar, Small Djembe CCRR:Trumpet

6. Psuedonesia

AXCI: Small Nepalese Drum, Marimba, Mbira, Bells, Gongs, Cemns: Gongs, Sampled Gongs, Marimba

7. Water Candle

CCRR: Water Flute Mouthpiece,Water Sounds,  AXCI: Water Sounds,Water Gongs, Blocks, Chimes, Anghk Langhk, Ryan Green : Anghk Langhk, Chimes

8. First Encounter

CEMNS: Nepalese Cane flute, Temple Blocks, Gong, Laughter, AXCI: Tabla, Chimes, Thai Gong, Cup Gong

9. Dwarfamelan Tribe

CEMNS: Gamelan, Gong, Cymbals, AXCI: Modulated Gamelan, Temple Gongs, Cymbals, Blocks

10. Moonrise

CEMNS: Affected Silver Flute  AXCI: Bowed Sitar, Cup Gongs

11. Crossing the Sea at Night

CEMNS: Clay Flutes, Whistles,  Didge, Anghk Langhk, AXCI: Dan Trung, Tubes, ,Jingle Bells, Samba Whistle, Manipuklations Vx style

12 Psuedonesian Cyclical Intervention

CEMNS: Silver Flutes AXCI: Opera Gong, Hand Drum

13. Corporal Cricket on Assignment

CCRR: Affected Trumpet CEMNS: Agogo Bells, Keyboard Samples AXCI: Samba Bells Backwards bells, Hand Drums

14. Transport by Backbone

AXCI: Toy Accordion, Vibraharp, Viet Woodblocks

15. Purification Dance

AXCI: Viet Gourd Lute, Gamelan, Taiko Drum, Bass Drum

16. Madhouse Wallpaper

CEMNS: Organ, Cymbals, Madhouse Laughter, Vocals,  Silver Flute AXCI: Autoharp, Whistles, Cymbals, Gourd Lute, drum, Detuned Shenai, Toy Reed

17. The Cricket goes Undercover

AXCI: Djembe, Glockenspiel, Bass Patch, Drum Patch, Cymbals,  Bells, Key Samples, Gongs

18. Joyous Return

AXCI: Thai Pan Pipe, Blocks, Sticks, Tamborin, Small Djembe

19. Camel Bells

AXCI: Manipulated Rajasthani Camel Bells

Sounding Vessels


Ghallium Ba Gharach: A decrepit manuscript was found tattered with only these few phrases remaining. We believe it may have held the secret to a passageway to the city of the dead. Our translation is rough as Gharachian scholars are so rare these days. (We of course claim no responsibility in errors of magical translation)

"Ryom yavary a ghallium ba gharach"

(Pass near the cool flames of the Immortal Fish"


"On Ba jaliak ghari le ranrach"

(Beware the jeer of the dead jawbone of a camel.)

Aiee yeiehh ah yeia!

Sounding Vessels


Dan Trung Bamboo Xylophones are used in Asian Hill tribe musics during ritual and ceremony to help call and influence spirits of the forest bringing prosperity, well being and safety. Hmong musicians in particular use the Dan Trung for Tree spirits and improvise widely upon them to represent the natural flow of life. "The Departure" is played on a piccolo and bass Dan Trung as an offering to the plant spirits for safe departure.

Sounding Vessels


Les Fleurs (composed by CEMNS- Ron Carson) refers to very rare Psuedonesian night blooming psychotropic flowers found in the Isles. It is said that to sleep beneath one brings peaceful visions..




Ces Fleurs qui reve d'homme sous la lune nouvelle a dispose des cauchemars

Les Hommes qui respire ces fleurs parfum sous la lune pleine a dispose des reves tranquil.

Sounding Vessels


This next Solstice release of Sounding Vessels continues its journeys of musicological extremes from Psuedonesian isles into the Darkness where there be Dragons and Harps, Saxes and Such. We find our "habits" are laden with instrumentation. 

Cover Art: The Habit de Musicien is a Musician composed of musical instruments and other musical accoutrements taken from a 1695 Gerald Valck print. More than a one man band here was a musician who wore and was integrated with his instrumentation. 

Habit de Musicien

 1.  Sunrise

AXCI: Internal Piano Resonant Capture, CEMNS: Silver Flute, CCRR: Cello

2. Zheng Veracruz

AXCI: Gu Zheng, Bowed Psaltery, Rodrigo Ceballos : Veracruz Harp

3. The Fahnestock Expedition

AXCI: Bawu, Fahnestock Gamelan Capture, Samples

4. Romanian Pharmacy

CEMNS: Dholak, AXCI: Turkestan Distorted Hoop drum, Gabriel Dianescu: Bazouki

5. The Toad

CCRR: Vocals

6. Bagpipe Death March

MP: Highland Pipes, CCRR: Overtone Vox, CEMNS: Snare, AXCI Bass drum

7. More Wallpaper Music: The Aftermath

CEMNS: Organ, AXCI: Bowed Cymbal, Flexitone, Chimes, Bowed Psaltery

8. Berimbau Electrico

AXCI: Bermbau, Bass Drum, Affected Blocks CEMNS: Affected Agogo Bells,

9. Intoxication:

CEMNS: Vocals, Music Box, Whistles AXCI: Music Box, Whistles, Chimes

10. Act of Bakti:

AXCI: Hoop Drum, Harmonium, CEMNS: Flute

11. Waterfall

AXCI: Dan Trung, Zheng Loop, Sample Rain/Guitar

12. Chinese Street Dance

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng, Antique Opera Cymbals, Blocks, Baterie, CEMNS: Hand Drums

13.More Wallpaper Music: The Escape

CEMNS: Organs, Synth, Gongs AXCI: Bowed Psaltery, Gongs, Chimes, Flexitone, CCRR:Space Phone Trumpet

14. Spirit Possessed

AXCI: Djembe, Bells, Log Drum CEMNS: Agogo Bells CCRR: Vocals

15. Adrift

AXCI: Harmonium, CEMNS Piano, CCRR: Vibes

16. The Hare &the Tortoise:

CEMNS: Gamelan, AXCI: Gamelan, Gamelan and Tabla loop

17. Glass Cone Experiment

AXCI: Gourd Lute, Block, Ba Wu Reed Flute, CEMNS: Sampled Glass Cones, Recorder

18. Insect Symphony

CEMNS/AXCI: Affected Insects, didges, Voices, Electroacoustronica

19. The Music of the Univrse

AXCI: Tabla, Opera Gong, Vibraphone, Tam tam, CEMNS: Flute, sample Gong

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels
Sounding Vessels




Sounding Vessels


Voyage moves the Sounding Vessels into an aquatic based electronic exploration of musicological phenomena.

Cover Art- Painting Montage with Origami Crane, Gold Foil, Feathers,Joss Paper and beads- AXCI

Track Listings, Instrumentaation and Personnel

1. Underwater

CEMNS:Sonor, Module Synth, AXCI: Handsonic, CCRR: Vox

2. A Wedding: (Commisioned, recorded and debuted for the wedding of Dan and Jean)

CEMNS: Nepali Cane Flute: AXCI: Water Capture, Affected Gu Zheng, Gongs, CCRR: Gongs, Bells

3. Lagoon

CEMNS: African Harp, ACXI: African Lyre Harp, CCRR: Cello

4. Water Dragon

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng, Cymbals, Opera Gongs, Blocks Batterie, CEMNS: Blocks, Bells

5. Current

AXCI: Organ drone, Handsonic, Organ CCRR: Organ 

6. Surfacing

CCRR: Cello CEMNS: Bottles, Vox

7. Gel

AXCI: Mouth Harp, Berimbau, Batterie CCRR: Cello

8. Aquatic Garden

JUNJUNR: Vocals, AXCI: Metal, Dan Trung, Raqs Sharqi Vox  loop, Bass beats


AXCI: Log Drum, Opera Gong, Duck Call

10. Remembrance from the Bottom of the Well

AXCI: Metal/Bell/Radio Capture loop, Vibes, CEMNS: Piano, CCRR: Organ

11. Paddling Down the Great Wadademongi River

CCRR: Hypnotically Induced Vocal Account of the Incident, AXCI: Zither, Drums, Flutes, Whistles, Berimbau, Winds and Stuff

12. Horizon

AXCI: Vox, Flute, Gong, Hand Drum, Metal, Wood, Electronics

13. Call to Prayer

CCRR: Distorted Vox, Musette loop, AXCI: Shakeres, Djembe, Block

14. Temple of the Waves

AXCI: Bowed Metal, Bowed Cymbal, Thai Gong, Handsonic, Indo Flute

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels
Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


A Heresy is any provocative belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. Sounding Vessels "Stories of the Heresy" expounds musicological tangents upon these tales. SV is joined by the lovely Junjunr on many of the pieces.

Cover Art: "Bai Gu Jing" White Bone Demon, Chinese watercolor Jikki Jun Wan

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track1: Dirge

MP: Gaida Pipes, Overtone Singing, CCRR, CEMNS, AXCI: Overtone Singing

Track 2: Psuedonesian Return

AXCI: Thai Flute, Viet Wood Blocks, Tambura Patch, Gamelan Patches

Track 3: The Bowaap

CCRR: Cello, Bass Bowaap Vox, AXCI: Drum Kit, Vox, Lyrics

Track 4: Loop of the Afterlife

CCRR: Silver Flute, CEMNS: Harp AXCI: Toy Piano, Afterlife Loop

Track 5: Bonang

AXCI:Bonang Gamelan Patches, Bamboo Tubes, Damaru

Track 6: Below the Mountains of the Phoenix(A Poem by Su Dongpo)

CCRR: Affected Cornet JUNJUNR: Lyrical Interpretation, Vox, AXCI:Block, Perc.

Track 7: Snow on Cherry Blossoms

CCRR: Bamboo Flute, AXCI: Bonang, Jingle Bells, Bells,, Pan Pipes

Track 8: The Sighting (Ode to an Isidor Eagle)

CCRR:Cello AXCI: Peruvian Whistles, Xun, Djembe, Bird Whistles, Atmospherics

Track 9: Bardo

CCRR: Trumpets, AXCI: Didge, Bass Drum, Antique Chinese Cymbals

Track 10: Bronze and Pearls

CCRR: vox, JUNJUNR: Vox, AXCI: Vox, Toy Piano, Mbira, Log Drum, Electronics

Track 11: Leaving

CEMNS: Internal Piano, Module Synth, Perc., Trombone, CCRR: Cello, Piano, Space Phone Trumpet, AXCI: Laserwave

Track 12: Organum

CCRR: Recorders, Organum, AXCI: Bowed Metal, Bowed flexitone

Track 13: Tibetan New Year

AXCI: Tibetan New Year Beijing Riot Capture loop

Sounding Vessels


One day whilst walking along the Incan trail In the Cloud forest of Manu, Peru we looked up and beheld a large beautiful bird. The Isidor eagle is large rare, fast and thought extinct. As soon as we saw it, it was gone, catching a draft and speeding out of sight back into the clouds. This piece celebrates that day and the Isidor Eagle.

Sounding Vessels


As AXCI always sez: The Space between Breath and The Waves of choice,

So no matter where you go, there you are.

Sounding Vessels


"Festival of the 8th Moon" is a "Monster-Wire" recording of Psuedonesian variations and Vocal Musics in celebration of the 8th moon of August. A particularly auspicious time for the core members of SV

Cover Art: AXCI Collage of Dead beaded Embryo playing reeds with a Shamisen Player in honor of the dead radiated Nagasaki women who " go wicky, wack Woo."

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Once Upon a Time:

CEMNS: Affected Siver Flute, CCRR: Cello, AXCI: INternal piano Sound Captures, Electronix, Speed Remix

Track2: Isles of Psuedonesia

CEMNS:Gamelan gender, AXCI: Water Drums, Tabla Loop, Saron, Bonang

Track 3: The Vulture & the Crow

CCRR:Cello, AXCI:Banjos, Mandolins, Djembe, Perc.,Lyrics, Vox,Crows,Toy Piano

Track 4: Morning of the Bird

CCRR: Cello, Bird Whistles, AXCI: Xun, Bowed Psaltery, Bells, Bonang,Bowed cymbals, Bird Whistles

Track 5: Kashmiri Evening

CEMNS: Silver Flutes, AXCI: Tablas, Zither, Gender

Track 6: Monsters in my Head

AXCI: Pump Organ,Bells, Bonang, Djembe, Vox, Screams, CCRR: Lyrics

Track 7:Lost Deep in the Woods

CCRR: Clarinet, Organ, AXCI: Chimes, Cup Gongs, Tam, Drums, Tabla, Metals, Electronics

Track 8: Riverflow (from Mark Twain)

CCRR: Voice, AXCI: Banjo, Banjo Uke, Bass Drum, Electronic loops

Track 9: Waterdrop Cave

AXCI: Mexican Toy Accordion, Small marimba, Electronics

Track 10: Anghklanghkian Seas

CCRR:Wood and metal captures, Bottles, AXCI: Anghk Langhk, Chimes, Electronics, Bowed Metal

Track 11: Chamber of Horrors

CEMNS:Voice, Drums, AXCI: Voice, Djembe, Whistles

Track 12: Godman I

CEMNS: Vocals, Lyrics, Soprano Sax, AXCI: Guitars, Bass drum

Track 13: Godman II

CCRR: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Banjo Uke, guitars, Bass Drum, Tablas

Track 14: Chinese Ghost March

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng Drone, Cymbals, Drums, Bells, Blocks, Ghost Story Capture

Track 14: Pipesong of the Heavenly Spirits

MP: Chanters, AXCI: Electronics, Loops, Heavenly Spirits Opera capture, Vox

Track 15: The Remembrance

MP: Detuned Bagpipes, Vox, Poem, AXCI: Shakers,Whistles, Slide Whistles, Blocks,  CEMNS: Blocks, Cane flute

Track 16: Psychocatalysis

AXCI: Detuned Banjo Uke, Drums, Shakeres, Whistles,Atmospherics,Random Psychocatalysis Record capture CCRR: Bamboo Flute, 

Track 17: Club Ron

CEMNS:Late Night Poetry Riff, Mad Laughter, flutes, CCRR: Late Night rebuttals, cellos, AXCI:Lyres

Track 18: Fete de la Lune

AXCI: Conga, Pan Pipe, Blocks

Track 19: Brought to you By...

AXCI: Water Flute Remix, Water Gongs, Anghk Langhk, Metal, Blocks, opera gongs, Monkey king captures, CEMNS: Our Commercial Sponsor Voice

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels
Sounding Vessels


Track Listing, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Anghk Conch

CEMNS: Anghk Langhk, CCRR: Conch Shell Horns, Anghk Langhk, AXCI:Bonang, Anghk Langhk, Kendhang Ageng Drums

Track 2: Hell

CEMNS: Nepalese Flute, Gongs, AXCI: Opera Gongs, Cup Gongs, Chinese Cymbals, Bowed Cymbal, CCRR: Didge, Overtone Singing

Track 3: Lunar Dance

CEMNS: Cane flutes AXCI: Marimba, Bongos, Turkestani Hoop Drums

Track 4: Psuedonesian Spy Chase Scene

CEMNS: Soprano Saxes,Bells,  AXCI: Tabla, Santoor, Chimes, Cymbals, Gongs, Bells

Track 5: Psuedonesian Den of Intrigue

CEMNS: Manipulated Keyed Marimba Loop Variations, AXCI: Sitar, Tabla

Track 6: Dance of Those Possessed

CEMNS: Affected Organs, AXCI: Electro-Vox Scream, Distorted Guitarron, Tamborin, Djembe, Bells, Blocks,

Track 7: Melting Waves

CEMNS: Chanter, Clock Spring, CCRR: Cello, AXCI: Pan Pipe, Spring Vox, Bowed Sitar

Track 8: Dance of Those Awake

CCRR: Train Whistles, CEMNS: Whistles, AXCI: Shell Shakere, Xun Flute

Track 9: Psuedonesian Spy Chase Scene

CCRR: Cello, AXCI: Banjo, Tabla, Santoor, Chimes, Cymbals, Gongs, Bells

Track 10: Isle of Winds

CCRR: Affected Cornets, CEMNS: Soprano Saxes, Mouthpiece Sounds, Crow Samples, Wind Samples AXCI: Sheet Metal, Goat Bells, Tube, Shakere, Bird Whistles

Track 11: Return of the Trance

CEMNS: Chinese Flutes, AXCI: Sitar, Djembe, Rajasthani Bowed Fiddle

Track 12: An American War

CEMNS: George W. Bush Doll Samples, Radio Noises, AXCI: Vox, Azan Clock, Tambura, Radio Noises

Sounding Vessels



The Lunar Dance is a night time celebratory piece of CEMNS Indo Flutes and AXCI small marimba and Turkestani Hoop Drum.

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Commander X Mysteries is an ongoing Radioplay work by Commander X

Track 1: Commander X Mysteries

Track 2: The Caves

Track 3: Eclipse

Track4: The Spider People

Track 5: I am Commander X

Track 6: Strange Winds of the Sea

Track 7: Harmonidrone 1

Track 8: Hammered 1

Track 9: Simple Plan of Hypnosis

Track 10: Man with Fez

Track 11: Messianic

Track 12: Commander X Mysteries 2

Track 13: Down Home

Track 14: Commander X returns

Track 15: The Agent Pops Out

Track 16: Empty

Track 17: Chris Guitar

Track 18: Prepared Piano

Track 19: Commander X and his Mysteries

Track 20: Harmonidrone 2

Sounding Vessels


Track 1: Nippo Gamelan

CEMNS: Marimbas, AXCI: Djembe, Ghatam, Dholak

Track 2: Late Night Sigting

CEMNS: Electro Vox, Electronics, Tubular Bell, Bells, AXCI: Laserwave, Electro Marimba, Bells

Track 3: X Organ 1 (The Plot)

CEMNS: Organ Manipulations

Track 4: Indo Gamelan

CEMNS: Tuned Bells, Gongs, Manipulations AXCI: Gongs

Track 5: Nippo Dance

CEMNS: Marimbas, AXCI: Nipponese Percussives

Track 6: Sax-O-drone

CEMNS: Saxophone Manipulations

Track 7: X Organ 2 (The Chase Scene)

CEMNS: Organs

Track 8: Nippo Gamelan 2

CEMNS: Tuned Bells, AXCI: Gongs, Santoor, Cymbal

Track 9: Chinese Marimba Song

CEMNS: Manipulated Marimbas

Track 10: The Introduction:

CEMNS: Vox, Drones, Electronics, Space Phone

Track 11: X Organ 3 (The Rescue)

CEMNS: Organs

Track 12: Indo Gamelan

CEMNS: Tuned Bells AXCI: Ghatam, Dholak

Track 13: Calcutta Winds

CEMNS: Marimbas, AXCI: Tabla

Track 14: Cave Flaute

CEMNS: Affected Flutes

Track 15: X Organ Symphony

CEMNS: Organs,Electronics AXCI: Handsonic Electronics

Track 16: Nippo Gamelan 3

CEMNS: Tuned Bells, AXCI: Laserwave, Bird Whistles,

Track 17: Bunraku Puppet Funeral

CEMNS: Marimba, DRum AXCI: Electro Marimba, Nipponese Percussions

Track 18: Cave Flaute Dance

CEMNS: Manipulated Folk Flutes AXCI: Djembe

Track 19: X Organ 4 (Outer Space Rock)

CEMNS: Organs

Track 20: The Ending

CEMNS: Manipulated Pan Pipes, AXCI: Handsonic Laserwave, Calliope, Tanbura

Sounding Vessels
Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels
Sounding Vessels


Ambient Nachtmare Night Musiczs

Cover Art: Ambient Night Musiczs Still Life Photo-AXCI

Track Listing, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track1: Bells & Gongs

CEMNS/AXCI: Gongs, Bells

Track 2: Song of the Season

AXCI: Banjo, Elephant Bells CCRR: Vox, Cello

Track 3: Camel's Dream

CEMNS: Camel Bells, Goat Bells, Gongs AXCI: Tambura, Ghatam, Tabla

Track 4: Past Timor

CEMNS: Manipulated Bells, Cymbals AXCI: Handsonic Bells, Metals

Track 5: Bengali Jam

CEMNS: Harp, AXCI: Tabla, Chris: Guitars

Track 6: 3 Steps Behind

AXCI: Santoor, Tabla, Electronics, Balinese Bells

Track 7: X's Machine

CEMNS: Concrete Capture-Horns, Waves, Machines, Fog Horns, Winds, Electronics

Track 8: The Deep

CEMNS: Internal Piano, Electronics

Track 9: Distraught Nursery

CEMNS: Manipulated Music Boxes, Cranks, AXCI: Manipulated Santoor, Tabla, Bells, Electronics

Track 10: All Our Representatives

CEMNS: Electronics, Source Sounds, Waveforms, AXCI: Tabla, Madal

Track 11: The Corporal's Cause

CCRR: Trumpet CEMNS: Music Box, Bells

Track 12: Beyond the Deep

CEMNS: Source Sound Captures, Vox, Internal Piano, Electronics, Metal CCRR: Muted Trumpet, AXCI: Laserwave, Bells

Track 13: Reed of Hope

CEMNS: Manipulated Clarinets,

Track 14: Morning Dawning

CEMNS: Gongs, Tam Tams, Thai Gong, AXCI: Gongs, Bells, Javanese Gong, Gender, Drum

Track 15: Steps in Cold Space

AXCI: Laserwave, CEMNS: Manipulated Toy Pianos

Track 16: Bells and Gongs II

AXCI/CEMNS: Bells and Gongs

Sounding Vessels
Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Track 1: Leprechaun March

CEMNS: Tibetan Skull Flutes, Blocks, AXCI: Bass Drum, Dan Trung, Rajasthani Snare

Track 2: Indo Movements

CEMNS: Silver Flute, Accordion, James O'Malley Om- Guitar, AXCI: Cymbals

Track 3: Swamp Hornz

CCRR: Baritone Noises, Muted Trumpet Calls AXCI: Batterie

Track 4: Brainwater (Live Jam)

CEMNS: Rhodes Piano, CCRR: Affected Trumpet, AXC: Djembe

Track 5: Another Dirge

MP: Highland Pipes, CCRR: Trumpet, CEMNS: Soprano Sax, AXCI: Snare, Bass Drum

Track 6: Hammered 2

CEMNS: Hammered Dulcimers, AXCI" Bowed Psaltery, CCRR: Cello

Track 7: Toyrimba Beat

CEMNS: Recorders, Toy Piano, AXCI: Marimba, Djembe

Track 8: Walking Mbira

CCRR: Silver Flute, AXCI: Rhodes, electric Mbira

Track 9: Electro Gamelan

CEMNS: Modulated Gender Gamelan

Track 10: Star Trek Quote

AXCI: Bowed Flexitone, Jingle Bells, Opera Gomgs, Cup Gongs, Bells CEMNS: Slide Whistle

Track 11: Pop Musicz

CCRR: Trumpet CEMNS: Tenor Sax, AXCI: Rhodes, tabla, Gome drum, Banjo

Track 12: Old Man by the River

CEMNS: Vocals, Lyrics, Blocks, Ghost Organ CCRR: Trumpet, AXCI: Batterie, Djembe, Bell


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels



Cover Art: Aryn Aolani on the Move Amongst Fish-Photo by Jikki Jun

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Excellent 河馬He Ma Dinosaur

Aryn Aolani: Vocals, AXCI: Rhodes, Marimbas, Gome Drums, Ryan Green: Buzz Bass guitar, ZBG: Block and Drum

Track 2: Harp, Thumb & Spring

CEMNS:Thunderspring, Tyson: Mouth Harp, AXCI: Indonesian Thumb Piano Spring

Track 3: Monster Walking

CEMNS: Baritone Sax. AXCI: Distorted Rhodes, Manipulated, Marimba, Drum Kit

Track 4: Harmodion 68

AXCI: Harmonium, Broken Accordion, Dulcimer, Dholak, MP: Modulated Accordion

Track 5: Noizee

AXCI: Manipulated Marimbas, Distorted Rhodes, Gongs , Djembe, Gourd

Track 6: Mouth Organ Dance

AXCI: Thai Sheng Mouth Organs, ZBG Drums, Gome Drum, Thai Gongs, Cup Gong, CEMNS: Dinosaur Flute

Track 7: Kitchen Gamelan

CEMNS: Modulated Nepalese Flute, Kitchen Bowls, Gongs, AXCI: Bass Drum, Tenor Drum, Opera Gongs, Kitchen Bowls

Track 8: Gourdaramba

AXCI: Distorted Guatemalen Folk Marimba, distorted Guitarron, Batterie, MP: Gaida Pipe Drone

Track 9" Psuedonesian Spy Flute

CEMNS: Harmaline Silver flute Lines, Cymbals, Drums, Bells, Noise, Restraint

Track 10: Jean's Glass

AXCI: Glass Chimneys, Rhodes,  CEMNS: Marimba

Track 11: Birdzong

CEMNS: Clarinet, AXCI: Whistles, Bells, Djembe, ZBG Drums, Blocks, Shakeres, Cup Gongs

Track 12: Reve du Gaida

MP: Gaida Pipes,Gaida Chanter Loop,  AXCI: Thai Flute, ZBG Drums, Gongs

Track 13: Gaida Finale

MP: Gaida Manipulations, AXCI: Vocals

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


AXCI & Sounding Vessels


Cover Art: Manipulated Still Life Photo "Magia grifo Monstruo and Son"-AXCI

Track 1: Psuedo Kabuki

AXCI: Thai Flute, Zither, Opera Gongs, Block, Agogo Bell, Bass drum

Track 2: Reve Kebyar

AXCI: Distorted Rhodes,Toy Piano, Djembe, Sonor Bells, Opera Gong,Thai Gong

Track 3: Tapestry

MP: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Organ, Broken Plastic keyboard, Snare, Djembe, Drum Loop, Psuedo Tabla Bol

Track 4: Not You , Me Not

Aryn Aolani: Vocals, Screams, Lyrics, Clapping, AXCI: Rhodes, Agogo Bells, Sonor Bells, Djembe, Cup Gong

Track 5: Rolling Caravan

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng, Tibetan Cup Gong, Frog Bells, Antique Chinese "Bo" Cymbals, ZBG Gourd Drums

Track 6: Infinity

AXCI: Vocals, Lyrics, Mbira, Rhodes, Sitar, Djembe,Thai Flute

Track 7: Indo Spyguy

AXCI: Nepalese Flute, Rhodes Pianos, Tablas, Bass Hoop drum

Track 8: Ole Kerosene

MP: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Bawu, Snare, Bass Drum, Vox drones, Rhodes Piano

Track 9: Neo Dirge

MP: Highland Pipes, Chanter, CEMNS: Silver Flute, AXCI: Snare, Bass Drum

Track 10: The Spider

MP: Vocals Lyrics, AXCI: Vocals, Glass Marimba Parts, Distorted Bent Keyboard, Tingsha, Cymbals, CCRR: Cello Harmonics

Track 11: Hum Dbery, Hum Dbery

MP: Overtone Singing, Tyson: Mouth Harp, Overtone Singing, AXCI: Overtone Singing, Cup Gong

Track 12: Our Hero's Return

CCRR: Muted Trumpet, AXCI: Sonor Bells, Gourd Drums, Shaker Drums, Bells, Cup Gongs,

Track 13: Sounds from Within

Tyson: Didgeridoo, AXCI: Ek Tara String, Opera Gong

Track 14: Aryn's Piano

Aryn Aolani: Piano, Vox, AXCI: Vox, Harmonica, Frog Bells, Chimes, Tingsha

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


The Spider was caught

between the paper and the glass

The Spider was caught

between the paper and the glass

She took him off the wall

 into the garden

She set him free

She took him off the wall

 into the garden

She set him free

Sounding Vessels


Cover Art: Ink Drawing by CEMNS-Ronald S. Carson

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Thing of Spring

CEMNS: Manipulated and abused Reverb Spring Device, AXCI: Slide String Loops, E-Bow, Carnaval Spring

Track 2: The Mechanism

CCRR: Vintage Air Pump, Water Device, AXCI: Vibra Slap, Vibra Board, AXCI: Viet Blocks, Whistles

Track 3: noise, Bowls & Tubes

CCRR: Manipulated Trumpet, CEMNS: Tuned Galvinized tubes, AXCI: Halloween Bowls

Track 4: The Ultrainfra

CEMNS: Roland Synthesizer

Track 5: Madhouse Wallpaper Music#3

CEMNS: Baritone Sax, Silver Flute, AXCI: Slide Guitar Loop, E-Bow

Track 6: Sirens

CEMNS: Mad Laughter, Sirens Call, AXCI: Sirens Call, CCRR: Sirens Call

Track 7: Crossing the Moors to Claxton Lodge

CEMNS: Synthesizer

Track 8: Metal Under Pressure,

AXCi: Bowed Octagon, Bowed Cymbal, Metals CEMNS: Baritone Sax, Jingle Bells

Track 9: Germs of Ganymede

CEMNS: Roland Synthesizer

Track 10: Untitled Sacrifice

AXCI: Tabla, Opera Gongs, Flat Gong, Halloween Bowls, CEMNS: Flat Gongs, opera Gongs

Track 11: Spence Manor

CCRR: String Resonant Trumpet, AXCI: Cup Gong, Percussives, CEMNS: Piano, Internal Piano

Track 12: Attack of the Zombies

CEMNS: Roland Synthesizer

Track 13: The Mule Song

CCRR: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Brake Drums, Bowed Saw, Slide Cigar Box Guitar, CEMNS: Brake Drums

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


noun: mechanism; plural noun: mechanisms
a system of parts working together in a machine; a piece of machinery.
Sounding Vessels


The Whir of Tuning Wheels- Sounding Vessels

Cover Art: Manipulated Corpse Drawing-CEMNS & AXCI

Track 1: The Whir of Tuning Wheels

CEMNS: Cogwheel Mechanism, Silver Flute, Bowed psaltery,

AXCI: Bowed Vibraphone, Elephant Bells, Goat bells, Samba Whistles, Spring

Track 2: A Brief Respite

AXCI: Electric Mbira, Tabla, Balinese Gongs, ghatam

CEMNS:Thai Flute

Track 3: Thrum's Lament

CEMNS: Rhodes Piano

MP: Highland Bagpipes, Chanter

Track 4: Aoide

CEMNS: Bowed Psaltery, CCRR: Cellos AXCI: ZBG Gome drum, Cymbals

Track 5: Kebyar Shadows

CEMNS: Silver Flute, AXCI: ZBG Gourd Drum, Halloween Bowls, Agogo Bells

Track 6: Hymn to the Moon Goddess Nikkal

CEMNS: Nepalese flute, Blocks, Metal AXCI: Bowed Gong, Samba Whistles, Cymbals, Elephant Bells, Gongs, Small Opera gongs

Track 7: Spyguy Cocktail Music

AXCI: Melodica, Gourd Drum, CEMNS: Silver Flute, Marimba

Track 8: The Spyguy Returns

CEMNS: Distorted Rhodes AXCI: Batterie, Opera Gongs, Thai Gongs,Goat bells , Tingsha bells, Wood Blocks

Track 9: Ice Passage

AXCI: Bowed Electric Bass, Bowed Psaltery, CEMNS: Silver Flute, Rhodes Piano

Track 10: The Steppes

MP: Overtone Singing, CCRR: Cello, Broken Violin AXCI: Bass Drum, Anique Chinese Cymbals, Overtone Singing

Track 11: The Psalterdrone

CEMNS: Toy Piano, AXCI: Bowed Vibraharp, Bowed Psaletry Drone, Elephant Bells

Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Celesta Daemonica

Cover Art: Corpse Drawing in Ink by CEMNS- Ronald S. Carson & AXCI-Allen Cline

1. Glassiano Concerta de la Muerta

CRR: Wine Glasses, AXCI: Manipulated Piano, Tingsha, CEMNS: Flute, Gongs

2. Music Box

AXCI: Music Box Manipulations, Mbira, Cogwheel tURNS, Water Gong, CEMNS: Xylophone, Ratchet, Clock Bell

3. Genggong Dream

AXCI: Mouth harps, CEMNS: Pan Pipes

4. Refractagon

AXCI: Mbira, Bells, CEMNS: Flute

5. Mad Clock

CEMNS: Gongs, Blocks, Internal Piano. AXCI: Singing Bell, Viet Blocks, Springs

6. The Owl

CEMNS: Owl Whistle, Cane Flute, AXCI: Berimbau, Ghatam, Metal, Rain Stick

7. Temporalis

CRR: Cello, AXCI: Vibraharp, CEMNS: Flute

8. Plateau

AXCI: Tabla, Ghatam, Gong, CEMNS: Flute

9. Cave of Broken Vessels

CRR: Cello, Vox, AXCI: Whistle, Clay Flute, Hapi, Percussion, CEMNS: Vox

10. Meloditronix

CEMNS: Manipulated Mellotron, AXCI: Vibraharp, Bowed Vibraharp Melodica

11. Night of the Birds

CEMNS: Chimes, Flute, Opera Gongs, Bird Whistles, AXCI: Samba Whistle, Clay Ocarina




Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels



by Sounding Vessels

Released 12/21/2014
Released 12/21/2014
Zippers continues the SV journees into found sounds with the title track being based in Zipper harmonics a la Corporal Cricket's explorations.


by Sounding Vessels

Released 10/31/2015
Released 10/31/2015
Sounding Vessels releases a true Monster Music
release for All Hallow's Eve.
In honor of the first All Hallow's Eve tape.

Balaphones, Boomerangs & Boobytraps

by Sounding Vessels

Released 12/21/2016
Released 12/21/2016
More Freakout Improvisational Musics

The Mad Dream

by Sounding Vessels

Released ?? 2017-2018 ??
Released ?? 2017-2018 ??
Soon to be released