Sounding Vessels


Ambient Nachtmare Night Muszics

Sounding Vessels


Ambient Nachtmare Night Musiczs

Cover Art: Ambient Night Musiczs Still Life Photo-AXCI

Track Listing, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track1: Bells & Gongs

CEMNS/AXCI: Gongs, Bells

Track 2: Song of the Season

AXCI: Banjo, Elephant Bells CCRR: Vox, Cello

Track 3: Camel's Dream

CEMNS: Camel Bells, Goat Bells, Gongs AXCI: Tambura, Ghatam, Tabla

Track 4: Past Timor

CEMNS: Manipulated Bells, Cymbals AXCI: Handsonic Bells, Metals

Track 5: Bengali Jam

CEMNS: Harp, AXCI: Tabla, Chris: Guitars

Track 6: 3 Steps Behind

AXCI: Santoor, Tabla, Electronics, Balinese Bells

Track 7: X's Machine

CEMNS: Concrete Capture-Horns, Waves, Machines, Fog Horns, Winds, Electronics

Track 8: The Deep

CEMNS: Internal Piano, Electronics

Track 9: Distraught Nursery

CEMNS: Manipulated Music Boxes, Cranks, AXCI: Manipulated Santoor, Tabla, Bells, Electronics

Track 10: All Our Representatives

CEMNS: Electronics, Source Sounds, Waveforms, AXCI: Tabla, Madal

Track 11: The Corporal's Cause

CCRR: Trumpet CEMNS: Music Box, Bells

Track 12: Beyond the Deep

CEMNS: Source Sound Captures, Vox, Internal Piano, Electronics, Metal CCRR: Muted Trumpet, AXCI: Laserwave, Bells

Track 13: Reed of Hope

CEMNS: Manipulated Clarinets,

Track 14: Morning Dawning

CEMNS: Gongs, Tam Tams, Thai Gong, AXCI: Gongs, Bells, Javanese Gong, Gender, Drum

Track 15: Steps in Cold Space

AXCI: Laserwave, CEMNS: Manipulated Toy Pianos

Track 16: Bells and Gongs II

AXCI/CEMNS: Bells and Gongs