Sounding Vessels


Celesta Daemonica

Sounding Vessels


Celesta Daemonica

Cover Art: Corpse Drawing in Ink by CEMNS- Ronald S. Carson & AXCI-Allen Cline

1. Glassiano Concerta de la Muerta

CRR: Wine Glasses, AXCI: Manipulated Piano, Tingsha, CEMNS: Flute, Gongs

2. Music Box

AXCI: Music Box Manipulations, Mbira, Cogwheel tURNS, Water Gong, CEMNS: Xylophone, Ratchet, Clock Bell

3. Genggong Dream

AXCI: Mouth harps, CEMNS: Pan Pipes

4. Refractagon

AXCI: Mbira, Bells, CEMNS: Flute

5. Mad Clock

CEMNS: Gongs, Blocks, Internal Piano. AXCI: Singing Bell, Viet Blocks, Springs

6. The Owl

CEMNS: Owl Whistle, Cane Flute, AXCI: Berimbau, Ghatam, Metal, Rain Stick

7. Temporalis

CRR: Cello, AXCI: Vibraharp, CEMNS: Flute

8. Plateau

AXCI: Tabla, Ghatam, Gong, CEMNS: Flute

9. Cave of Broken Vessels

CRR: Cello, Vox, AXCI: Whistle, Clay Flute, Hapi, Percussion, CEMNS: Vox

10. Meloditronix

CEMNS: Manipulated Mellotron, AXCI: Vibraharp, Bowed Vibraharp Melodica

11. Night of the Birds

CEMNS: Chimes, Flute, Opera Gongs, Bird Whistles, AXCI: Samba Whistle, Clay Ocarina