Sounding Vessels


Electro Nightmare Madhouse Wallpaper Musiczs

Sounding Vessels


Cover Art: Ink Drawing by CEMNS-Ronald S. Carson

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Thing of Spring

CEMNS: Manipulated and abused Reverb Spring Device, AXCI: Slide String Loops, E-Bow, Carnaval Spring

Track 2: The Mechanism

CCRR: Vintage Air Pump, Water Device, AXCI: Vibra Slap, Vibra Board, AXCI: Viet Blocks, Whistles

Track 3: noise, Bowls & Tubes

CCRR: Manipulated Trumpet, CEMNS: Tuned Galvinized tubes, AXCI: Halloween Bowls

Track 4: The Ultrainfra

CEMNS: Roland Synthesizer

Track 5: Madhouse Wallpaper Music#3

CEMNS: Baritone Sax, Silver Flute, AXCI: Slide Guitar Loop, E-Bow

Track 6: Sirens

CEMNS: Mad Laughter, Sirens Call, AXCI: Sirens Call, CCRR: Sirens Call

Track 7: Crossing the Moors to Claxton Lodge

CEMNS: Synthesizer

Track 8: Metal Under Pressure,

AXCi: Bowed Octagon, Bowed Cymbal, Metals CEMNS: Baritone Sax, Jingle Bells

Track 9: Germs of Ganymede

CEMNS: Roland Synthesizer

Track 10: Untitled Sacrifice

AXCI: Tabla, Opera Gongs, Flat Gong, Halloween Bowls, CEMNS: Flat Gongs, opera Gongs

Track 11: Spence Manor

CCRR: String Resonant Trumpet, AXCI: Cup Gong, Percussives, CEMNS: Piano, Internal Piano

Track 12: Attack of the Zombies

CEMNS: Roland Synthesizer

Track 13: The Mule Song

CCRR: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Brake Drums, Bowed Saw, Slide Cigar Box Guitar, CEMNS: Brake Drums