Sounding Vessels


Excellent 河馬 Dinosaur

Sounding Vessels



Cover Art: Aryn Aolani on the Move Amongst Fish-Photo by Jikki Jun

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Excellent 河馬He Ma Dinosaur

Aryn Aolani: Vocals, AXCI: Rhodes, Marimbas, Gome Drums, Ryan Green: Buzz Bass guitar, ZBG: Block and Drum

Track 2: Harp, Thumb & Spring

CEMNS:Thunderspring, Tyson: Mouth Harp, AXCI: Indonesian Thumb Piano Spring

Track 3: Monster Walking

CEMNS: Baritone Sax. AXCI: Distorted Rhodes, Manipulated, Marimba, Drum Kit

Track 4: Harmodion 68

AXCI: Harmonium, Broken Accordion, Dulcimer, Dholak, MP: Modulated Accordion

Track 5: Noizee

AXCI: Manipulated Marimbas, Distorted Rhodes, Gongs , Djembe, Gourd

Track 6: Mouth Organ Dance

AXCI: Thai Sheng Mouth Organs, ZBG Drums, Gome Drum, Thai Gongs, Cup Gong, CEMNS: Dinosaur Flute

Track 7: Kitchen Gamelan

CEMNS: Modulated Nepalese Flute, Kitchen Bowls, Gongs, AXCI: Bass Drum, Tenor Drum, Opera Gongs, Kitchen Bowls

Track 8: Gourdaramba

AXCI: Distorted Guatemalen Folk Marimba, distorted Guitarron, Batterie, MP: Gaida Pipe Drone

Track 9" Psuedonesian Spy Flute

CEMNS: Harmaline Silver flute Lines, Cymbals, Drums, Bells, Noise, Restraint

Track 10: Jean's Glass

AXCI: Glass Chimneys, Rhodes,  CEMNS: Marimba

Track 11: Birdzong

CEMNS: Clarinet, AXCI: Whistles, Bells, Djembe, ZBG Drums, Blocks, Shakeres, Cup Gongs

Track 12: Reve du Gaida

MP: Gaida Pipes,Gaida Chanter Loop,  AXCI: Thai Flute, ZBG Drums, Gongs

Track 13: Gaida Finale

MP: Gaida Manipulations, AXCI: Vocals