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Festival of the 8th Moon

Sounding Vessels


"Festival of the 8th Moon" is a "Monster-Wire" recording of Psuedonesian variations and Vocal Musics in celebration of the 8th moon of August. A particularly auspicious time for the core members of SV

Cover Art: AXCI Collage of Dead beaded Embryo playing reeds with a Shamisen Player in honor of the dead radiated Nagasaki women who " go wicky, wack Woo."

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Once Upon a Time:

CEMNS: Affected Siver Flute, CCRR: Cello, AXCI: INternal piano Sound Captures, Electronix, Speed Remix

Track2: Isles of Psuedonesia

CEMNS:Gamelan gender, AXCI: Water Drums, Tabla Loop, Saron, Bonang

Track 3: The Vulture & the Crow

CCRR:Cello, AXCI:Banjos, Mandolins, Djembe, Perc.,Lyrics, Vox,Crows,Toy Piano

Track 4: Morning of the Bird

CCRR: Cello, Bird Whistles, AXCI: Xun, Bowed Psaltery, Bells, Bonang,Bowed cymbals, Bird Whistles

Track 5: Kashmiri Evening

CEMNS: Silver Flutes, AXCI: Tablas, Zither, Gender

Track 6: Monsters in my Head

AXCI: Pump Organ,Bells, Bonang, Djembe, Vox, Screams, CCRR: Lyrics

Track 7:Lost Deep in the Woods

CCRR: Clarinet, Organ, AXCI: Chimes, Cup Gongs, Tam, Drums, Tabla, Metals, Electronics

Track 8: Riverflow (from Mark Twain)

CCRR: Voice, AXCI: Banjo, Banjo Uke, Bass Drum, Electronic loops

Track 9: Waterdrop Cave

AXCI: Mexican Toy Accordion, Small marimba, Electronics

Track 10: Anghklanghkian Seas

CCRR:Wood and metal captures, Bottles, AXCI: Anghk Langhk, Chimes, Electronics, Bowed Metal

Track 11: Chamber of Horrors

CEMNS:Voice, Drums, AXCI: Voice, Djembe, Whistles

Track 12: Godman I

CEMNS: Vocals, Lyrics, Soprano Sax, AXCI: Guitars, Bass drum

Track 13: Godman II

CCRR: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Banjo Uke, guitars, Bass Drum, Tablas

Track 14: Chinese Ghost March

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng Drone, Cymbals, Drums, Bells, Blocks, Ghost Story Capture

Track 14: Pipesong of the Heavenly Spirits

MP: Chanters, AXCI: Electronics, Loops, Heavenly Spirits Opera capture, Vox

Track 15: The Remembrance

MP: Detuned Bagpipes, Vox, Poem, AXCI: Shakers,Whistles, Slide Whistles, Blocks,  CEMNS: Blocks, Cane flute

Track 16: Psychocatalysis

AXCI: Detuned Banjo Uke, Drums, Shakeres, Whistles,Atmospherics,Random Psychocatalysis Record capture CCRR: Bamboo Flute, 

Track 17: Club Ron

CEMNS:Late Night Poetry Riff, Mad Laughter, flutes, CCRR: Late Night rebuttals, cellos, AXCI:Lyres

Track 18: Fete de la Lune

AXCI: Conga, Pan Pipe, Blocks

Track 19: Brought to you By...

AXCI: Water Flute Remix, Water Gongs, Anghk Langhk, Metal, Blocks, opera gongs, Monkey king captures, CEMNS: Our Commercial Sponsor Voice