Sounding Vessels


Habit de Musicien

Sounding Vessels


This next Solstice release of Sounding Vessels continues its journeys of musicological extremes from Psuedonesian isles into the Darkness where there be Dragons and Harps, Saxes and Such. We find our "habits" are laden with instrumentation. 

Cover Art: The Habit de Musicien is a Musician composed of musical instruments and other musical accoutrements taken from a 1695 Gerald Valck print. More than a one man band here was a musician who wore and was integrated with his instrumentation. 

Habit de Musicien

 1.  Sunrise

AXCI: Internal Piano Resonant Capture, CEMNS: Silver Flute, CCRR: Cello

2. Zheng Veracruz

AXCI: Gu Zheng, Bowed Psaltery, Rodrigo Ceballos : Veracruz Harp

3. The Fahnestock Expedition

AXCI: Bawu, Fahnestock Gamelan Capture, Samples

4. Romanian Pharmacy

CEMNS: Dholak, AXCI: Turkestan Distorted Hoop drum, Gabriel Dianescu: Bazouki

5. The Toad

CCRR: Vocals

6. Bagpipe Death March

MP: Highland Pipes, CCRR: Overtone Vox, CEMNS: Snare, AXCI Bass drum

7. More Wallpaper Music: The Aftermath

CEMNS: Organ, AXCI: Bowed Cymbal, Flexitone, Chimes, Bowed Psaltery

8. Berimbau Electrico

AXCI: Bermbau, Bass Drum, Affected Blocks CEMNS: Affected Agogo Bells,

9. Intoxication:

CEMNS: Vocals, Music Box, Whistles AXCI: Music Box, Whistles, Chimes

10. Act of Bakti:

AXCI: Hoop Drum, Harmonium, CEMNS: Flute

11. Waterfall

AXCI: Dan Trung, Zheng Loop, Sample Rain/Guitar

12. Chinese Street Dance

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng, Antique Opera Cymbals, Blocks, Baterie, CEMNS: Hand Drums

13.More Wallpaper Music: The Escape

CEMNS: Organs, Synth, Gongs AXCI: Bowed Psaltery, Gongs, Chimes, Flexitone, CCRR:Space Phone Trumpet

14. Spirit Possessed

AXCI: Djembe, Bells, Log Drum CEMNS: Agogo Bells CCRR: Vocals

15. Adrift

AXCI: Harmonium, CEMNS Piano, CCRR: Vibes

16. The Hare &the Tortoise:

CEMNS: Gamelan, AXCI: Gamelan, Gamelan and Tabla loop

17. Glass Cone Experiment

AXCI: Gourd Lute, Block, Ba Wu Reed Flute, CEMNS: Sampled Glass Cones, Recorder

18. Insect Symphony

CEMNS/AXCI: Affected Insects, didges, Voices, Electroacoustronica

19. The Music of the Univrse

AXCI: Tabla, Opera Gong, Vibraphone, Tam tam, CEMNS: Flute, sample Gong