Sounding Vessels



Sounding Vessels


Orchesographie was the first digital release by the Sounding Vessels collectief. The name was taken from a book published in 1589 by Thoinot Arbeau written to establish appropriate behaviours between dancers and orchestras. We interpret a different direction to the interaction focusing the relationship between improvisational Psuedonesian musics and night time revelries. Besides featuring our core collectief of AXCI, CEMNS, and CCRR we were joined by MP (Morganpiper), Turner Ray and Ryan Green on different tracks.

Cover Art: CEMNS Collage of the Black Death Fife & Drummer

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

1. Ghalium Ba Gharach:

AXCI" Bowed sitar,Vox CEMNS: Vox, Gharachian Language, Silver Flute, CCRR: Cello

2. The Departure:

AXCI: Bass & Picolo Dan Trung CEMNS: Bass Dan Trung (Vietnamese Marimbas)

3. Les Fleurs

CEMNS: Silver Flutes, AXCI: Vibes

4. Let the Gates of Ba Gharach be opened

CEMNS: Bass Trombone, overtone singing CCRR: Trumpet,Overtone singing Turner Ray: Dideridoo, Overtone singing

5. Calling Corporal Cricket

CEMNS: Organ, Turner Ray: electric string Bass, AXCI: Dan Trung Bamboo Marimba, Sitar, Small Djembe CCRR:Trumpet

6. Psuedonesia

AXCI: Small Nepalese Drum, Marimba, Mbira, Bells, Gongs, Cemns: Gongs, Sampled Gongs, Marimba

7. Water Candle

CCRR: Water Flute Mouthpiece,Water Sounds,  AXCI: Water Sounds,Water Gongs, Blocks, Chimes, Anghk Langhk, Ryan Green : Anghk Langhk, Chimes

8. First Encounter

CEMNS: Nepalese Cane flute, Temple Blocks, Gong, Laughter, AXCI: Tabla, Chimes, Thai Gong, Cup Gong

9. Dwarfamelan Tribe

CEMNS: Gamelan, Gong, Cymbals, AXCI: Modulated Gamelan, Temple Gongs, Cymbals, Blocks

10. Moonrise

CEMNS: Affected Silver Flute  AXCI: Bowed Sitar, Cup Gongs

11. Crossing the Sea at Night

CEMNS: Clay Flutes, Whistles,  Didge, Anghk Langhk, AXCI: Dan Trung, Tubes, ,Jingle Bells, Samba Whistle, Manipuklations Vx style

12 Psuedonesian Cyclical Intervention

CEMNS: Silver Flutes AXCI: Opera Gong, Hand Drum

13. Corporal Cricket on Assignment

CCRR: Affected Trumpet CEMNS: Agogo Bells, Keyboard Samples AXCI: Samba Bells Backwards bells, Hand Drums

14. Transport by Backbone

AXCI: Toy Accordion, Vibraharp, Viet Woodblocks

15. Purification Dance

AXCI: Viet Gourd Lute, Gamelan, Taiko Drum, Bass Drum

16. Madhouse Wallpaper

CEMNS: Organ, Cymbals, Madhouse Laughter, Vocals,  Silver Flute AXCI: Autoharp, Whistles, Cymbals, Gourd Lute, drum, Detuned Shenai, Toy Reed

17. The Cricket goes Undercover

AXCI: Djembe, Glockenspiel, Bass Patch, Drum Patch, Cymbals,  Bells, Key Samples, Gongs

18. Joyous Return

AXCI: Thai Pan Pipe, Blocks, Sticks, Tamborin, Small Djembe

19. Camel Bells

AXCI: Manipulated Rajasthani Camel Bells