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In 1999 Sounding Vessels began releasing a digital format of our yearly work of  musical wanderings at Winter Solstice. Beginning with Orchesographie, we have released work upon each Winter Solstice  since. You may also find a few 8th Moon August releases as well since this too is an auspicious time for Sounding Vessels. These were small, private releases with limited distribution, although some found their way into various hands and received some airplay in Oregon, New York, Austin and London over the years.

They are not commercially available but posted here for your enjoyment and to see just what we have been doing for all these years. Feel free to browse this long list of musics and art.

One more note:

The list of Solstice releases (and and the occasional 8th moon August release) spans from 1999 through 2018 thus far. Therefore it is a long scroll of work with the most recent being found at the end.

All track listing, instrumentation and personnel are provided. Also a few samples from each release are present. Not all of these sample pieces are on the list loaded into the Audio Player, so they must be played separately.

Feel free to send us any comments you like through the Contact area.

We hope you enjoy the journey as we have.