Sounding Vessels


Sounding Vessels Play Their Favourite Psuedonesian Melodies

Sounding Vessels


Track Listing, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track 1: Anghk Conch

CEMNS: Anghk Langhk, CCRR: Conch Shell Horns, Anghk Langhk, AXCI:Bonang, Anghk Langhk, Kendhang Ageng Drums

Track 2: Hell

CEMNS: Nepalese Flute, Gongs, AXCI: Opera Gongs, Cup Gongs, Chinese Cymbals, Bowed Cymbal, CCRR: Didge, Overtone Singing

Track 3: Lunar Dance

CEMNS: Cane flutes AXCI: Marimba, Bongos, Turkestani Hoop Drums

Track 4: Psuedonesian Spy Chase Scene

CEMNS: Soprano Saxes,Bells,  AXCI: Tabla, Santoor, Chimes, Cymbals, Gongs, Bells

Track 5: Psuedonesian Den of Intrigue

CEMNS: Manipulated Keyed Marimba Loop Variations, AXCI: Sitar, Tabla

Track 6: Dance of Those Possessed

CEMNS: Affected Organs, AXCI: Electro-Vox Scream, Distorted Guitarron, Tamborin, Djembe, Bells, Blocks,

Track 7: Melting Waves

CEMNS: Chanter, Clock Spring, CCRR: Cello, AXCI: Pan Pipe, Spring Vox, Bowed Sitar

Track 8: Dance of Those Awake

CCRR: Train Whistles, CEMNS: Whistles, AXCI: Shell Shakere, Xun Flute

Track 9: Psuedonesian Spy Chase Scene

CCRR: Cello, AXCI: Banjo, Tabla, Santoor, Chimes, Cymbals, Gongs, Bells

Track 10: Isle of Winds

CCRR: Affected Cornets, CEMNS: Soprano Saxes, Mouthpiece Sounds, Crow Samples, Wind Samples AXCI: Sheet Metal, Goat Bells, Tube, Shakere, Bird Whistles

Track 11: Return of the Trance

CEMNS: Chinese Flutes, AXCI: Sitar, Djembe, Rajasthani Bowed Fiddle

Track 12: An American War

CEMNS: George W. Bush Doll Samples, Radio Noises, AXCI: Vox, Azan Clock, Tambura, Radio Noises