Sounding Vessels


Stories of the Heresy

Sounding Vessels


A Heresy is any provocative belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. Sounding Vessels "Stories of the Heresy" expounds musicological tangents upon these tales. SV is joined by the lovely Junjunr on many of the pieces.

Cover Art: "Bai Gu Jing" White Bone Demon, Chinese watercolor Jikki Jun Wan

Track Listings, Instrumentation and Personnel

Track1: Dirge

MP: Gaida Pipes, Overtone Singing, CCRR, CEMNS, AXCI: Overtone Singing

Track 2: Psuedonesian Return

AXCI: Thai Flute, Viet Wood Blocks, Tambura Patch, Gamelan Patches

Track 3: The Bowaap

CCRR: Cello, Bass Bowaap Vox, AXCI: Drum Kit, Vox, Lyrics

Track 4: Loop of the Afterlife

CCRR: Silver Flute, CEMNS: Harp AXCI: Toy Piano, Afterlife Loop

Track 5: Bonang

AXCI:Bonang Gamelan Patches, Bamboo Tubes, Damaru

Track 6: Below the Mountains of the Phoenix(A Poem by Su Dongpo)

CCRR: Affected Cornet JUNJUNR: Lyrical Interpretation, Vox, AXCI:Block, Perc.

Track 7: Snow on Cherry Blossoms

CCRR: Bamboo Flute, AXCI: Bonang, Jingle Bells, Bells,, Pan Pipes

Track 8: The Sighting (Ode to an Isidor Eagle)

CCRR:Cello AXCI: Peruvian Whistles, Xun, Djembe, Bird Whistles, Atmospherics

Track 9: Bardo

CCRR: Trumpets, AXCI: Didge, Bass Drum, Antique Chinese Cymbals

Track 10: Bronze and Pearls

CCRR: vox, JUNJUNR: Vox, AXCI: Vox, Toy Piano, Mbira, Log Drum, Electronics

Track 11: Leaving

CEMNS: Internal Piano, Module Synth, Perc., Trombone, CCRR: Cello, Piano, Space Phone Trumpet, AXCI: Laserwave

Track 12: Organum

CCRR: Recorders, Organum, AXCI: Bowed Metal, Bowed flexitone

Track 13: Tibetan New Year

AXCI: Tibetan New Year Beijing Riot Capture loop