Sounding Vessels


The Whir of Tuning Wheels

Sounding Vessels


The Whir of Tuning Wheels- Sounding Vessels

Cover Art: Manipulated Corpse Drawing-CEMNS & AXCI

Track 1: The Whir of Tuning Wheels

CEMNS: Cogwheel Mechanism, Silver Flute, Bowed psaltery,

AXCI: Bowed Vibraphone, Elephant Bells, Goat bells, Samba Whistles, Spring

Track 2: A Brief Respite

AXCI: Electric Mbira, Tabla, Balinese Gongs, ghatam

CEMNS:Thai Flute

Track 3: Thrum's Lament

CEMNS: Rhodes Piano

MP: Highland Bagpipes, Chanter

Track 4: Aoide

CEMNS: Bowed Psaltery, CCRR: Cellos AXCI: ZBG Gome drum, Cymbals

Track 5: Kebyar Shadows

CEMNS: Silver Flute, AXCI: ZBG Gourd Drum, Halloween Bowls, Agogo Bells

Track 6: Hymn to the Moon Goddess Nikkal

CEMNS: Nepalese flute, Blocks, Metal AXCI: Bowed Gong, Samba Whistles, Cymbals, Elephant Bells, Gongs, Small Opera gongs

Track 7: Spyguy Cocktail Music

AXCI: Melodica, Gourd Drum, CEMNS: Silver Flute, Marimba

Track 8: The Spyguy Returns

CEMNS: Distorted Rhodes AXCI: Batterie, Opera Gongs, Thai Gongs,Goat bells , Tingsha bells, Wood Blocks

Track 9: Ice Passage

AXCI: Bowed Electric Bass, Bowed Psaltery, CEMNS: Silver Flute, Rhodes Piano

Track 10: The Steppes

MP: Overtone Singing, CCRR: Cello, Broken Violin AXCI: Bass Drum, Anique Chinese Cymbals, Overtone Singing

Track 11: The Psalterdrone

CEMNS: Toy Piano, AXCI: Bowed Vibraharp, Bowed Psaletry Drone, Elephant Bells