Sounding Vessels



Sounding Vessels


Track 1: Nippo Gamelan

CEMNS: Marimbas, AXCI: Djembe, Ghatam, Dholak

Track 2: Late Night Sigting

CEMNS: Electro Vox, Electronics, Tubular Bell, Bells, AXCI: Laserwave, Electro Marimba, Bells

Track 3: X Organ 1 (The Plot)

CEMNS: Organ Manipulations

Track 4: Indo Gamelan

CEMNS: Tuned Bells, Gongs, Manipulations AXCI: Gongs

Track 5: Nippo Dance

CEMNS: Marimbas, AXCI: Nipponese Percussives

Track 6: Sax-O-drone

CEMNS: Saxophone Manipulations

Track 7: X Organ 2 (The Chase Scene)

CEMNS: Organs

Track 8: Nippo Gamelan 2

CEMNS: Tuned Bells, AXCI: Gongs, Santoor, Cymbal

Track 9: Chinese Marimba Song

CEMNS: Manipulated Marimbas

Track 10: The Introduction:

CEMNS: Vox, Drones, Electronics, Space Phone

Track 11: X Organ 3 (The Rescue)

CEMNS: Organs

Track 12: Indo Gamelan

CEMNS: Tuned Bells AXCI: Ghatam, Dholak

Track 13: Calcutta Winds

CEMNS: Marimbas, AXCI: Tabla

Track 14: Cave Flaute

CEMNS: Affected Flutes

Track 15: X Organ Symphony

CEMNS: Organs,Electronics AXCI: Handsonic Electronics

Track 16: Nippo Gamelan 3

CEMNS: Tuned Bells, AXCI: Laserwave, Bird Whistles,

Track 17: Bunraku Puppet Funeral

CEMNS: Marimba, DRum AXCI: Electro Marimba, Nipponese Percussions

Track 18: Cave Flaute Dance

CEMNS: Manipulated Folk Flutes AXCI: Djembe

Track 19: X Organ 4 (Outer Space Rock)

CEMNS: Organs

Track 20: The Ending

CEMNS: Manipulated Pan Pipes, AXCI: Handsonic Laserwave, Calliope, Tanbura