Sounding Vessels



Sounding Vessels


Voyage moves the Sounding Vessels into an aquatic based electronic exploration of musicological phenomena.

Cover Art- Painting Montage with Origami Crane, Gold Foil, Feathers,Joss Paper and beads- AXCI

Track Listings, Instrumentaation and Personnel

1. Underwater

CEMNS:Sonor, Module Synth, AXCI: Handsonic, CCRR: Vox

2. A Wedding: (Commisioned, recorded and debuted for the wedding of Dan and Jean)

CEMNS: Nepali Cane Flute: AXCI: Water Capture, Affected Gu Zheng, Gongs, CCRR: Gongs, Bells

3. Lagoon

CEMNS: African Harp, ACXI: African Lyre Harp, CCRR: Cello

4. Water Dragon

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng, Cymbals, Opera Gongs, Blocks Batterie, CEMNS: Blocks, Bells

5. Current

AXCI: Organ drone, Handsonic, Organ CCRR: Organ 

6. Surfacing

CCRR: Cello CEMNS: Bottles, Vox

7. Gel

AXCI: Mouth Harp, Berimbau, Batterie CCRR: Cello

8. Aquatic Garden

JUNJUNR: Vocals, AXCI: Metal, Dan Trung, Raqs Sharqi Vox  loop, Bass beats


AXCI: Log Drum, Opera Gong, Duck Call

10. Remembrance from the Bottom of the Well

AXCI: Metal/Bell/Radio Capture loop, Vibes, CEMNS: Piano, CCRR: Organ

11. Paddling Down the Great Wadademongi River

CCRR: Hypnotically Induced Vocal Account of the Incident, AXCI: Zither, Drums, Flutes, Whistles, Berimbau, Winds and Stuff

12. Horizon

AXCI: Vox, Flute, Gong, Hand Drum, Metal, Wood, Electronics

13. Call to Prayer

CCRR: Distorted Vox, Musette loop, AXCI: Shakeres, Djembe, Block

14. Temple of the Waves

AXCI: Bowed Metal, Bowed Cymbal, Thai Gong, Handsonic, Indo Flute