Sounding Vessels


Words, Modes & Rhythms

AXCI & Sounding Vessels


Cover Art: Manipulated Still Life Photo "Magia grifo Monstruo and Son"-AXCI

Track 1: Psuedo Kabuki

AXCI: Thai Flute, Zither, Opera Gongs, Block, Agogo Bell, Bass drum

Track 2: Reve Kebyar

AXCI: Distorted Rhodes,Toy Piano, Djembe, Sonor Bells, Opera Gong,Thai Gong

Track 3: Tapestry

MP: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Organ, Broken Plastic keyboard, Snare, Djembe, Drum Loop, Psuedo Tabla Bol

Track 4: Not You , Me Not

Aryn Aolani: Vocals, Screams, Lyrics, Clapping, AXCI: Rhodes, Agogo Bells, Sonor Bells, Djembe, Cup Gong

Track 5: Rolling Caravan

AXCI: Bawu, Sheng, Tibetan Cup Gong, Frog Bells, Antique Chinese "Bo" Cymbals, ZBG Gourd Drums

Track 6: Infinity

AXCI: Vocals, Lyrics, Mbira, Rhodes, Sitar, Djembe,Thai Flute

Track 7: Indo Spyguy

AXCI: Nepalese Flute, Rhodes Pianos, Tablas, Bass Hoop drum

Track 8: Ole Kerosene

MP: Vocals, Lyrics, AXCI: Bawu, Snare, Bass Drum, Vox drones, Rhodes Piano

Track 9: Neo Dirge

MP: Highland Pipes, Chanter, CEMNS: Silver Flute, AXCI: Snare, Bass Drum

Track 10: The Spider

MP: Vocals Lyrics, AXCI: Vocals, Glass Marimba Parts, Distorted Bent Keyboard, Tingsha, Cymbals, CCRR: Cello Harmonics

Track 11: Hum Dbery, Hum Dbery

MP: Overtone Singing, Tyson: Mouth Harp, Overtone Singing, AXCI: Overtone Singing, Cup Gong

Track 12: Our Hero's Return

CCRR: Muted Trumpet, AXCI: Sonor Bells, Gourd Drums, Shaker Drums, Bells, Cup Gongs,

Track 13: Sounds from Within

Tyson: Didgeridoo, AXCI: Ek Tara String, Opera Gong

Track 14: Aryn's Piano

Aryn Aolani: Piano, Vox, AXCI: Vox, Harmonica, Frog Bells, Chimes, Tingsha