Sounding Vessels


The Sounding Vessels Collectief has been an ongoing work of improvisational chamber works in one way or another since the 1980's. Beginning sessions usually involved tapes, "forests" of instruments, collage, film and moonlight walks with canes.

Inspirations were taken from many sources, medeival musics, surrealism, many avante-garde composers such as George Crumb and Harry Partch, Gamelan and other world musics, old manuscripts, monster movies, cloud formations, sounds of long tunnels, creatures in the night, jazz, lunar eclipses and so much more.

The members of the collectief have varied over the years. Besides our core group we have shared musical interaction with many friends along the way.

Special mention must be made for our comrade in Drones & Chanters.

MP (Mip) Morganpiper

is Brett Morgan

(Piper Extraordinaire, Resident Poet)

 MP has piped his way through many a dirge, throat sang many a thrum with heart and sung many a tale of mystery and wonder with the Sounding Vessels over the years. We send extra offerings of Joss,  love and appreciation to his honored paths. May he forever find the Pipes that he seeks, the drones in tune and the reeds in good resonant order. Cheers and Iechyd Da!!!!

Many other friends have shared resonance along the way with us as well. We mention a few fine carbon based bipedal lifeforms with spirit here. They include:

Zeno B. Gray, Chris Carson, Turner Ray, Gabriel Dianescu, Rodrigo Perez-del-Rio Ceballos, Jikki Wan, Ryan Green, James O'Malley and Aryn Aolani Bela Cline.

And so who knows what the future holds in store for the further undertakings of these resonant improvisationalists. Only the space-time continuum can tell.